I agreed to take over the presidency of the REACH Authorisation Alliance, considering that it was the relevant response to the current problem for Chromium VI-related Authorisation dossiers renewal.

  • Indeed, 'upstream' dossiers (via consortia) submitted by an upstream actor, without effective involvement of each user of the substance, are currently controversial.

  • Their two weak points are the weakness of risk assessment in the field, and a lack of demonstration that there is no alternative, due to the very broad scope of the uses described in the dossiers.

  • Nevertheless, they are an operational response to the problem of complex (on several levels) and long supply chains, if we want to avoid an exaggerated multiplication of Authorisation requests.

  • With the support of EcoMundo's team of experts, whose technical and strategic expertise is well established, I am confident that the Alliance will be able to offer its members tailor-made, intelligent solutions.


The REACH Authorisation Alliance makes it possible to create the conditions for submitting applications that better meet the real expectations of the Authorities.


President of the REACH Authorisation Alliance

Previously Head of the REACH Programme at Safran, Pascal Frou was particularly interested in the 'competitiveness lever' that the REACH regulation represents in corporate strategy.

He is dedicated to strategic analysis that creates the conditions for a stable and decompartmentalised functioning between the business lines and the actors in the value chain.

Pascal Frou


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